You Don’t Like Yourself? Create a New Version of Yourself

Today we are going to talk about the fact if you don’t like yourself you have to create another version of it. Literally, we see celebrities talking about this a lot. You see Beyonce says whenever she goes on stage, she is not Beyonce. She is ‘Sasha Fierce’. A very good example of this as well is David Goggins. David Goggins is a navy seal who was poor and gained a lot of weight in the past. He lost weight. He even ran marathons; this man did incredible stuff. if you don’t know him, you may check him out. But basically they all say: “create another version of  yourself”, and when I heard those stories, I was like wow that makes a lot of sense, and I started doing that as well. So, Liz is just herself. Liz is very lazy. Liz does not want to do anything.

 If you ask me what is the perfect thing for me, it would be not to be the higher version of myself. To literally go back home, go live with my mom, rely on her financially, just stay in my room, delete all my social media because I do not like the attention that comes with it. And yeah, just stay like that; comfortable in my bed. But that will get me nowhere.

So, I created an alter ego, somebody that is confident, somebody that uses her platform, somebody that goes after her goals, somebody that wakes up in the morning and goes to the gym. Somebody who does not care whether she wants to or whether she doesn’t. She just has to get up and do it. Somebody with a very hard mindset. Somebody when she gets told that she’s ugly, she doesn’t give a damn, because I get told things like that daily on my social media. Somebody that created tough skin, because she has to take it all in order for her to achieve what she wants to achieve.

So, you don’t like yourself? you create another version of it. Maybe just act it at first. And if you start acting like it, you’ll become it. There is no other way.

I don’t understand why people say like this. It’s like magic. It’s not real how is this magic. if you start doing what the higher version of yourself would do, obviously you’ll become it. This is very logical. You see, you have to think about it.

How does the higher version of yourself  look like?

what is she wearing?

Or what is he wearing?

Who do they date?

Where they hang out?

How do they spend their time?

What’s their career?

Even down to the haircut, what’s the haircut like?

What does this person look like in your head? I cannot tell you that. You know what best you look like. Maybe the best version of you has a little weight to lose, a little weight to gain. Maybe the best version of you has muscles to gain. You notice all these things for yourself. I cannot tell you this, because I do not know what the highest version of yourself looks like. I only know what the highest version of myself looks like. So once you got that, you got that goal in mind. You know what the highest version of yourself looks like, you have to start acting towards it; so you have to start planning your goals. For example I’m telling you in my head the highest version of myself. I know her perfect weight. I have a very petite frame. and too skinny does not look good on me, because like I told you guys, I had an eating disorder. I was there. I looked sick. I looked like I was dying.

That does not look good on me. A little weight toned looks the best on me. And I know I can achieve that through the gym and fitness and weightlifting. So, every single day when I wake up and I do not want to go to the gym, I talk to myself: okay what would the highest version of myself do right now? The highest version of myself gets out of bed says: thank you god for waking me up today. Thank you for this blessed day.

This day is going to be so good. I started with positive affirmations. I put my gym shoes on and I get off to the gym. That’s what the highest version of myself does. And every single day, even if I like to pick a meal, okay? I love sugar. I love sugary foods. But I always think what would the highest version of myself do? Would it get this dessert. Because my issue is that sugar causes breakouts with me and I get inflamed. I do not digest it well. It’s very bad for me. I even think I have an allergic reaction to sugar because I get like a rash in my face. So this is really not good for me. That’s why I always think like: “okay what would the highest version of myself do?” Because the highest version of myself has really nice skin. So, the highest version would not take that dessert. She would take maybe

caffeine instead, something like a coffee or a tea that will suppress my craving for sugar. So, I do that instead because that’s what the higher version of myself would do. Same thing with reading books. I cannot concentrate, I do not want to read books at all. But the highest version of myself needs to finish the books because she knows books are knowledge and knowledge is a key. Knowledge will get you so far in life. I cannot explain this enough. The more you know the better.

The highest version of myself is also very confident. Liz is shy. She does not want to go out in public. Does not want to speak. She just wants to be ignored in her room. She is safe where nobody can judge her, no one can talk about her, no one knows anything about her. But the highest version of myself has a platform, and she wants to use that platform for the better. She Wants to use that platform to help people. This is something I’m very passionate about.