Can You Drink Weight Gain Shakes Without Working Out?

Well, it’s possible to drink weight-gain shakes in order to target underweight problems without exercising. Yet, training helps in gaining weight in muscle form rather than fats.

Normally, weight loss is the aim, but some folks shift their attention to weight-gain shakes for issues of underweight. As mentioned above, powders or weight-gain shakes can be used to correct underweight, but if you want to get lean muscles – rather than fat – it’s recommended that you combine them with a workout regimen as well as a balanced diet.

Gaining Weight in a Healthy Way

If you consider yourself within the category of underweight, you might have the goal of gaining weight the sooner possible. However, gaining weight in a gradual manner is better than loading pounds rapidly. According to the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute, 1 – 2 pounds a week is the recommended number to start with. It’s a small progress, but it is still a progress; so, patience!

You can gain weight only by having more calories through weight gainers and foods rich in calories. But, mixing calorie-rich foods with strength-workouts is beneficial in building lean muscle rather than loading excessive unhealthy fat.

Knowing What Weight-Gain Shakes Are

When you are in a mission of gaining weight, you are particularly required to consume extra protein, calories, healthy fats and carbohydrates. It’s not always easy to reach these high needs only through foods, specifically if you rapidly get stuffed. Shakes of weight-gain play the role of the blends which try to compensate consuming a lot of different foods by providing big amounts of macro-nutrients and calories that are effortlessly taken in.

Weight-gain shakes are similar to protein powders or shakes, yet they are meant for gaining weight rather than losing it. You can search for ready-to-drink weight-gain supplements and shakes, or else powders that are mixed into a smoothie or water. You can also make your own shake with ingredients rich with nutrients and calories (this makes you in more control of what to use).

Choose Carefully Your Weight Gainers

It’s true weight-gain shakes and weight gainers own a convenience factor, but they are not the best option there is. One of Optimum Nutrition well-known protein-rich weight-gain powder contains more than 250g of carbohydrates, 50g of protein and 1.250 calories per serving. Another GNC weight gainer offers 50g of protein, 117g of carbohydrates and 700 calories per serving.

Although these powders make taking extra calories an effortless job for underweight people, they simultaneously include colors, flavors and artificial sweeteners which are not very good for your health. Besides, these weight-gain powders are normally made to help the body while exercising to reload the lost energy; that is, if these shakes are taken in a regular basis without any exercising, the levels of your insulin and blood sugar are likely to go up. This can also lead to loading pounds in the shape of unhealthy fat.

Try To Make Your Weight Gainer Yourself

If you intend to add weight-gain shakes to your diet, it’s a very good idea to prepare them at home, making use of a mixture of nutrient-rich foods. According to Victoria Department of Health and Human Services, quality should always ranks over quantity; so calories are better taken from healthy foods than from soda or chips (empty calories).

Preparing your home-made weight-gain shake, you need to combine coconut milk or whole-fat dairy milk with avocado, nut butters, MCT oil or coconut. Add a few spoons of protein powder, a handful of spinach/kale greens, and some frozen or fresh berries. In addition to being rich in healthy calories and fats, house-made shakes are high in minerals and vitamins, and they are artificial ingredients-free. 

You can gradually notice good results in gaining weight if you incorporate them in-between your meals. Besides, to help boost the weight gaining process, try also to eat big quantities of high-nutrient foods. Examples of nutrient-dense foods are: milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, nut butter, nuts, sweet potatoes, avocados, olives, seeds, coconut products, etc.

Exercising is Important

Even though consuming mass gainers may help you gain some weight without working out, it’s not the best road you could take. In addition to helping build lean muscles and not loading fats, exercise provides multiple health benefits such as:

  • Boosting mood
  • Improving blood pressure
  • Lowering the risk of osteoporosis
  • Reducing the risk certain cancer types
  • Protecting against heart illnesses

In your workout regimen, do not include too much cardio exercises so not to burn off the calories you are trying to pack. On the other hand, you can go for resistance training like doing activities of body-weight (push-ups, planks, squats…), lifting weights, using resistance bands. These exercises are helpful in building muscles and gaining weight the healthy way.

Put Realistic Goals

While on the journey of gaining weight, make sure to be realistic regarding your drawn goals. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics genetics has an essential role in one’s physical build. That is, if your family (especially parents and siblings) is underweight, it’s likely you are also naturally so.

Though it’s always possible to gain some weight, sudden and extreme change is neither reachable nor sustainable. Hence, take some time while drawing your goals and make certain they are healthy and within reach. To make the right plan and determine a healthy weight fit for you, consult a doctor or a health professional.