A Dog Woke A Mother Up At Night And Took Her To Her Kid Who Was Having A Seizure

Many people think that dogs are very caring and special creatures. But this story of Brutus – a wonderful adopted dog – is something else. The golden heart dog has a razor-sharp sense that made the day of all who heard of the story.

The story news which was published by FOX23 News Tulsa shows that the adopted dog (Brutus) was very appreciated and loved by all people who meet him. The news also included that their adopters discovered that he has special senses which would be of help to their kid who suffers from a seizure disorder.

In North Tulsa, Oklahoma, Brutus was found terrified and all alone in an uninhabited house. The white and brownish bull was seen by one of the neighbors at first. The latter was a do-gooder to take responsibility and call Unchain Oklahoma – a rescue organization for abandoned / abused pets -.

The organization later knew that the family of Brutus had some issues with the law and decided to flee, leaving him alone in the house.

Melody Parkins from Unchain OK informed FOX23 that “the house was open. Dog food had been left on the floor. A lot of personal items were still there.” Looks like the family didn’t have enough time to pick up all their stuff, including Brutus.

While waiting for someone to adopt Brutus, Melody with her husband did the job and fostered him. Spending a good amount of time with the dog, the couple took a decision to train him, which didn’t go in vain, because Brutus was a fast learner.

Later, the Hawkins couple – who has a young kid with the name of Jason – adopted Brutus.

After a few days with the adopting family, Mrs. Hawkin was surprised by Brutus at her bedside trying to awake her. He took her to Jason’s room to find out that her son Jason was having a seizure.