10 Things You Mustn’t Do To Your Dog

There are some jobs that are extraordinarily rewarding. Taking care of a puppy is without a doubt one of them, yet only if done the right way.

You may – intentionally or unintentionally – make a lot of mistakes in training / taking care of your dog. Sometimes, puppies make their own share of mistakes too.

To be frank, everyone commits mistakes. Diversified, many mistakes are forgivable. Plus, the relationship between you and your dog is (and should be) stronger to withstand some missteps from time to time.

Though, there exist a bunch of things that your mighty bond with your dog can’t fix. Plus, they can put it in serious dangers.

These are the 10 things you mustn’t do to a dog you are taking care of.

1. Leaving The Dog By Itself in the Car

When you leave your puppy in the car all by itself, you are putting her/him in dangerous situations, such as being stolen, being in an overheating closed place (especially in hot weather). If taking your dog with you to where you are going isn’t an option, then it’s safer to leave it at home. 

2. Overfeeding Your Dog

Providing treats is a good behavior. Yet if you do it excessively, your dog’s health can be put at risk. Pay attention to the quality and quantity of treats given to your dog.

3. Neglecting To Brush Their Teeth

Not so different from you, your dog’s teeth need to be brushed in a daily basis. A big number of dogs get tooth infections and diseases that are untreated. So, the least you should do is taking your dog to the veterinarian for check, once every year.

4. Using Inappropriate Collars

There are specific collars for each breed of dogs. Short snouts dogs might get bad injuries if the collar used on them goes only around the neck. A harness is what should be used instead. Before buying any collar, make sure you ask a veterinarian or else do some research.

5. Being Tender At The Wrong Moments

Don’t show affection to your dog when they misbehave or do something wrong, for they won’t differentiate between wrong and right. Yes, no one is perfect, but still, you need to get your canine companion to learn good from bad, specifically things related to biting.

6. Allowing The Dog To Lead You

‘A walk with the dog’ should not be reversed to ‘a walk by the dog’. That is, do not let the dog lead the way, because it may lead to dangerous behaviors such as running into traffic or other unruly actions. Thus, get a short leash of your dog as soon as you notice any similar happenings.

7. Sharing Inappropriate Foods

To share food with your furry fellow is nice sometimes, but this can be dangerous if certain things -like bone meat or chocolate – are fed to the dog. Make sure you do your research before feeding him/her any leftovers.

8. Forgetting To Neuter / Spay

Due to unexpected pregnancies, a big number of dogs are euthanized in shelters. Don’t contribute to this tragic trend and let your dog to undergo this painful experience.

9. Beating The Dog

Being cruel to your puppy won’t do any good but decreasing the bond existing between you and him/her. Besides, when you punish a dog (especially, by hitting), his/her confidence will diminish and thus lashing out or misbehaving more frequently later.

10. Putting The Dog In A Crate For Punishment

Normally, you should get the dog to feel secured and safe (not punished) once in the crate. This way you won’t find any difficulties in getting it in the crate at night or else when you want to get out.