Names For Cats

Whether you already have a cat or you are just planning to adopt one, you need to do some reading so as to find her/him a nice name. Lucky you don’t have to keep searching. This short article provides some names and ideas that can be just perfect for your kitten.

Some may think this is a trivial thing. Reading these lines, I assume you are not one of them. It’s great you are not, because your cat won’t like spending her/his whole life with “kitty” or a name you didn’t spend more than four seconds to choose.

The following are some ideas to find just the right name:

  • Judging by the cover; the multiple colors and combinations of your cat’s coat can be the inspiration source to think of the perfect name. If it’s black (with color patches), you may come up with a distinctive name such as ‘BAGHEERA’, which is found in “The Jungle Book” and which means TIGER. Another name is “VERSACE”.
  • Taking a hint from your cat; when a cat likes something, they don’t hesitate to show it. Take a close look to figure out what that is and it will be easy for you to know its personality. This will help you choose the accurate name for her. Is she a little princess? “DUCHESS”, or else a big prankster? “SPRITE”. You could come up with something better.
  • Go back to your cat’ story beginning; is your cat a Japanese Bobtail or else Russian Blue breed? If yes, some names are already showing up! When, where, or how did you find it in the first place?Did it enter to your farmhouse porch? “SHANIA”. Did you find it hiding under your residence carport? “PARKER”. This strategy can be very good to find a unique awesome name for your furry friend.
  • Consider scientific approaches; it is found by experts and cat behaviorists that cats are more responsive to some (human) sounds than to others. As regards to what they are called, cats are very responsive to names with the long vowel sound ‘E’ (ee), such as “ZEKE”, “EVE”.
  • Go a bit beyond the usual; if you are looking for a name that no other cat has, be more creative. Organize a competition for the craziest name for cats and invite family members and friends to all think outside the box.

In case the above ideas are not sufficient for you to find the right name for your cat. Consider the links below. Later, while walking your cat or shopping with her, the perfect name will pop up to you.

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