The 5 Major Reasons Behind Messi’s Choice Of Inter Miami

Dismissing the hugest offer from Al-Hilal and the Barcelona return allure, Messi decided to go to North America instead. The future of the Argentine player has been under close scrutiny after the Paris Saint German club talked about his departure before the Ligue 1 final match. After his father’s claim about Lio’s preference, it was assumed that the footballer would make a return to the Camp Nou, his former home.

With the absence of official bids from the Catalonian club, Messi was left with the two other options. The Saudi offer ($ 400 million) would have been the biggest football deal ever. But the playmaker turned it down and opted for the Inter Miami’s.     

Here’ the 5 major reason Messi has chosen Inter Miami over Al-Hilal ans Barcelona:

1. Messi’s Family Likes the City of Miami

The beauty, liveliness and appeal of South Florida appeared to have Messi’s interest. The approaching national training center of football as well as the growing Argentine community in Miami affected the decision taking. The glamour of the American large multinational corporations / brands like Adidas and Apple played an important role. Also, in America, Messi will be provided with investment opportunities, especially in football and technology. The Argentine family has already started a business in 2022 in Silicon Valley, according to Yahoo.

To the contrary, accusations of sportsmen and the stricter rules for women in Saudi Arabia might have discouraged Lionel Messi and his family from the unrefusable offer of Al-Hilal.

2. Marketing Mecca in MLS for Messi

The partnership of Apple with MLS – as well as the agreement of giving Messi portion of the passthrough income of both MLS Season and the Apple TV – is tempting. The Inter Miami-Messi’s deal has a relationship of work with Apple and comprises extra income, mentions GOAL.

Bearing in mind USA as one of the host countries of the next FIFA World Cup, Apple cut a deal with the legend Messi calculating he may be the MLS’s face during the tournament. Moreover, Adidas which has been Messi’s sponsor since 2006 shows readiness to share profit with him being the MLS’s face.

 3. Possibility of Owning a Share in Inter Miami Team

Inking the deal paper with the North American team, Messi gave himself a shot at owning a stake of one of the MLS teams after he retires. This is similar to what was offered to David Beckham when he signed with Inter Miami back in 2007.

Even more, the agreement could allow Messi to own a share in the Inter Miami itself. Barring the lucrative contract, such offer however was not mentioned in Al-Hilal deal.

4. Messi’s Real Estate is in Miami

Leaving the Champions League for the MLS is not a matter of trying different jerseys for Messi. It’s however seeking of a comfortable and luxury life in his residence in Miami.

According to TalkSPORT, Messi owns a floor at a luxurious tower in Miami in addition to a multi-million-dollar apartment that overlooks the beach. Moving to Inter Miami will probably make owning more properties In North America easier.

5. MLS as a Loophole to Go Back to Barcelona  

Although it seems like a bizarre tale, there is an assumption that goes; the move to MLS is a way for Barcelona to financially be able to loan him back home. So, the Inter Miami deal could solve a lot of Barcelona’s financial issues and pave the way for the craved for comeback.

On the other hand, Al-Hilal’s offer doesn’t include anything similar to this; the club wasn’t ready to pay that huge amount of money only to facilitate the Argentine star’s transfer to Spain.